Nippon no Minni

Client : Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Launch : 2012/10/14
ちなみに最後の質問は「今のテレビはつまらないと思う?」。私は「NO」に投票しました。/ 北島ハリー
A viewer participation type information program to ask people public opinion in the end of the day
「Nippon no Minni」 is a viewer participation type mini TV program on Fuji television that was broadcasted on Monday to Thursday every week from 15 Oct 2012 to 21 March 2013. In this program every time ask viewers about current topics, love and so on that is familiar and a wide variety of question, also vote, totaling and announce the result in real time.
We were in charge of planning, direction, art direction of program, production of voting site and so on.
Voting official web site linked to TV perfectly and change in accordance with the progress of program.
Viewers could see the results by sexes and by ages after the end of broadcast.
We conveyed questions and the results to users by utilize media as msn news, LINE, mixi and Facebook.
We asked total 91questions, the first time the number of votes was 500 but it was increasing with repetition and in the last broadcast there were 64000 votes. We collected about 300000 answers in total. / Harry Kitajima
It's interesting the results showed features by ages and by sexes on each questions.
It was Our first project of regular TV program so this half year was really long and tough but also it was really exciting experience.
The last question was " Do you think TV shows become boring lately?" and I voted "NO" by the way.