Client : NHK
Launch : 2014/02/27
東日本大震災により、被災三県(福島、宮城、 岩手)に関わる全国の企業間取引がどのように 変わったかをビジュアライズ
その第一弾として、TV番組「NHKスペシャル~震災BIG DATA」を番組のプロモーションサイトを作成しました。
大量のデータをインタラクティブに動かすために Stage3D を使用。
Visualized data of inter enterprise dealings in three disaster-stricken prefectures (Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate) after The Great East Japan Earthquake
NHK focus on "Data journalism" today.
As first step, we created promotion website of TV program 「NHK special ~earthquake BIG DATA」 On this site, users can see the data of lost trade after the quake by industry and prefectures by visualized data of inter enterprise dealings in Japan especially focus on three disaster-stricken prefectures (Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate) before and after earth quake. Use Stage3D to put a large amount of data into interactive motion. Users can look at the Japanese map with attitude information from various angle and can know how industry in your home town or place where you live in is involved in disaster-struck areas.