Personal Information Protection Policy

Bascule Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is engaged in business activities whose core businesses are advertising and the production of interactive contents. The personal information that the Company collects from customers through its business activities as well as the personal information of the Company’s employees (includes specific personal information; hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) are important information assets for the Company, and the Company recognizes that it has an important social responsibility to ensure the protection of this personal information.

Therefore, the Company will handle the personal information it collects through business activities in accordance with the following policy, and thereby, provide reassurance to customers and the employees of the Company regarding the protection of personal information and fulfill its social responsibility.


1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information

  • The Company will collect personal information through lawful and fair means.
  • The Company will utilize the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • The Company will obtain the prior consent of individuals in the case of providing their personal information to third parties.
  • The Company will not utilize the personal information it collected for purposes other than the intended purpose. In addition,
  • The Company will take measures to this end.

2. Laws and ordinances, national guidelines, and other norms (hereinafter referred to as “laws and ordinances, etc.”)

The Company will make constant efforts to keep abreast of the laws and ordinances, etc. concerning businesses that handle personal information, and will ensure that the employees engaged in the Company’s businesses (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) are well informed and comply with the laws and ordinances, etc.

3. Safe management of personal information

  • The Company will develop and maintain a system for swift corrective measures to safely manage personal information, in order to prevent various risks, including unauthorized access to personal information as well as leak, loss, and damage of personal information.
  • The Company will conduct inspections. The Company will quickly correct any violations and accidents that are found, and will implement preventive measures to deal with any weaknesses.
  • The Company will thoroughly educate employees regarding the safe management of personal information.

4. Complaints and consultations

The Company will respond in good faith to any complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information by creating a Personal Information Help Desk and establishing a system that enables prompt responses.

5. Ongoing improvements

  • To protect personal information, the Company’s personal information protection management system will monitor and inspect compliance with internal rules, commit to the detection of violations, incidents, accidents, and weaknesses, and implement management reviews. The Company will reflect these into management policies and internal rules, and commit to making ongoing improvements to the personal information protection management system.
  • The Company will make improvements in conformity with laws and ordinances, etc. and JIS Q 15001.

Established: November 18, 2009
Revised: March 1, 2016
Bascule Inc.
Representative Director: Masayoshi Boku

<Personal Information Help Desk>

Personal Information Help Desk, Bascule Inc.
6F, Azabu Kaisei Bldg, 1-8-10 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0041, Japan
Phone:03-5797-7110 (Weekdays 11:00-17:00)
Personal Information Protection Manager:Bascule Legal Officer

Handling of Personal Information

The Company discloses the following information in accordance with JISQ15001:2017 requirements and

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of UseDisclosure Category
Data outsourced from clientTo carry out production work, event work, etc., outsourced to the CompanyNot disclosed
Information on candidates for hire collected from job search information websites and personnel placement agenciesTo consider hiring and to contact individualsNot disclosed
Staff information collected from partner companiesTo include in website staff credits of release projectsNot disclosed
Staff information and suppliers information outsourced from affiliate companyTo carry out labor management and accounting operationsNot disclosed
Information on parties that requested materials or contacted the CompanyTo perform services in response to the inquiryDisclosed
Client informationTo contact client, execute contract, request execution, etc.Disclosed
Information on candidates for hire and applicantsTo select and contact candidatesDisclosed
Employee informationTo manage employment matters including HR and general affairs, and to include in staff creditsDisclosed
Data submitted by content contributors, or survey respondentsTo create content, communicate with content contributors or survey respondents, answer inquiries, compile statistical data to the extent that the individual is not identified, etc.Disclosed

Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

Our procedures for responding to requests from you or your agent for the notification of the purpose of use of the retained Personal Data in the Company’s possession, the disclosure of the personal information, the amendment, addition or deletion of the content, the termination of use, the elimination of personal information, and the termination of its provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “requesting disclosure, etc.”) are as follows:

1. Contact information for requesting disclosure, etc.

To request disclosure, etc., please send the Personal Information Disclosure, etc. Request Form attached with the necessary documents to the Company by postal mail. Please mail the request form to the Company by a method that enables delivery tracking, such as delivery certified mail and simplified registered mail. We would appreciate it if you can write in red on the envelop: “個人情報請求書在中” [Encl. Personal Information Request Form].

Send to:

Personal Information Protection Manager, Bascule Inc., 6F, Azabu Kaisei Bldg, 1-8-10 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0041, Japan

2. Submission form for requesting disclosure, etc.

To request disclosure, etc., please mail the Personal Information Disclosure, etc. Request Formafter filling in all of the required fields.

3. Verification of identity

The Company will perform a check by telephone to verify the identity of the individual requesting disclosure, etc. However, if the Company cannot perform a check by telephone, the individual may be asked to submit a copy of his/her driver’s license, resident card, health insurance card, or any other form of ID.

4. If an agent is requesting disclosure, etc.

If you are asking an agent to request disclosure, etc., please enclose the following documents in addition to the Personal InformationDisclosure, etc. Request Form.

  • Document verifying the identity of the agent (Copy)
    Either a driver’s license, a copy of the resident card, or a health insurance card
    *Please submit a copy with the legal domicile blackened out.
  • Power of attorney (The grantor must stamp his/her seal on the power of attorney, and a certificate of registered seal for this seal must
    be attached. If the agent is a legal representative such as a person with parental authority, a document showing the relationship
    between the agent and the grantor may be submitted instead of the power of attorney.)

5. Fee for requesting disclosure and notification of purpose of use

A fee of 500 yen (including tax) will be charged each time you request the disclosure of personal information or notification of the purpose ofuse.
Please enclose a 500-yen postal money order in the envelope containing the documents for submission.
Customers are responsible for bearing the cost of purchasing the postal money order and sending the postal mail to the Company.
Please note that we cannot disclose personal information or notify the purpose of use if the fee is not paid in full or if the payment was not enclosed.

6. Method of responding to requests for disclosure, etc.

The Company will send a written response to the address provided by the requestor in the Request Form.

Please contact the Help Desk below for any clarifications, complaints, or consultations.

<Personal Information Help Desk> Personal Information Help Desk, Bascule Inc.
6F, Azabu Kaisei Bldg, 1-8-10 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0041, Japan
Phone:03-5797-7110 (Weekdays 11:00 -17:00)
Personal Information Protection Manager:Bascule Legal Officer

7. Authorized personal information protection organization

The Company is a target entity of the following authorized personal information protection organization.

Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact Information for Complaint Processing

・Name of authorized personal information protection organization
・Contact information for complaint processing
Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
12F, Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan